The start-up is based on an ethic and business idea to finalize and to bring to the right development different technologies and innovative ideas, bringing them to the most suitable applications and to a proper market adoption.

Thanks to the multidisciplinary competences and to the collaborative network, ARSMETICA TECHNOLOGIES aims at developing, implementing, validating, set in a production line and commercializing innovative products and services with a high added technological value. As for example, devices and systems for the transmission and the analysis of electromagnetic signals in different ranges of application.

The project activities and the prototyping are managed through selected and reliable partners and suppliers, which form a dynamic, agile and well-proven production chain without any structural constrains.

For us it is fundamental to reach our goals, but the way we get is equally fundamental: honesty, respect and collaboration are the drivers of our approach and of our planning.

Thanks to the technical competence and to the know-how developed during several innovation projects, ARSMETICA TECHNOLOGIES is and will be able to offer consulting services, education and technical assistance withing the field of expertise. Among the others, innovation management, devices and methods for the electromagnetic signal analysis in the telecommunications worlds, systems for environmental diagnosis, medical diagnostics and artificial intelligence.